Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glorious Japan

An average afternoon for a Japanese highschool student. Why is the diaper so frilly though?

A common way for the Japanese man to greet schoolchildren. It comes from a long japanese tradition of putting your penis on a child.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The old man always stayed on that corner. He was lonely and every morning he tried to talk with this cute girl that passed by. He would sometimes pay for her food with what little money he had from begging, when she ate at the nearby stand. He was as nice as he could be, because he just wanted a kind word from this bright young girl. He wanted to think he had a friend.

But she was always so cruel to him. She usually laughed at him, many days just passing by without returning his greeting. She was always willing to take his money when he offered to buy her a snack, but she never even said thank you.

Then one day, a shockwave of magic went sweeping through the street. The two were hit by it, and they swapped bodies. The first thing the old man realized when he regained consciousness is that he is now a schoolgirl, so he'll never have to be alone anymore. He turned toward the girl, who was now in his body, looking pathetic and frail. And with a grin he decided to unleash all his frustration. His time was now."


Hitler unleashes his true potential.

The truth about breasts is finally revealed. It is just extra dimensional breasts popping through, duh.

Sometimes you just gotta lick a bitch's eyeball. Japanese girls love this shit.
Originally I intended to do a separate post for each item of discussion. But that would take a lot of time and some of them just don't warrant much discussion. So I will be doing this however I want from now on. Just look at this shit.

Now what is even more amazing is that this isn't some cartoon (hurrrr manga/superior weeaboo anime) invention. They actually have cocksicles at the penis festivals held all over japan each year. They do not taste like cock, or so I am told.

Brilliant work. I applaud the artist's ability to really reach deep into the soul of the reader and pull on our heartstrings. I don't have to say much here. Its a trap's cock and it smells like boot leather. SUGOIII UGUUU

A great story unfolds

Often our imaginations wander when we don't have anything to view. Hopefully yours will wander even while viewing this legendary work. What could have led to this discovery? Why the field? Why is he upset about this discovery? Perhaps we will never know (because I refuse to find the context).

And a one, and a two

Next on our list is a journey to the very heart of the japanese spirit. Sometimes a picture can define a nation. I hope this definition is accurate. Remember, read right to left, though this one is fantastic either way.

So it begins...

So I have amassed a collection of pictures that just make you say 'wtf japan'? They are going to be posted on here. Enjoy, also NSFW.

Here is the first.